SV 10000  Extraction

SV 10000 M/3 Extraction System With 1 M/3 Cube Bin, vibration & Cleaning

Mobile dust collector with 10,000 m3/h flow capacity, featuring durable construction and balanced propeller for reliability. Painted with electrostatic powder paint, it includes an IP55 standard IE3 high-efficiency motor. Equipped with a part separator to prevent propeller damage and reduce fire risk. Our unique design ensures longer propeller life and increased safety, setting us apart from the rest. All products meet CE standards and are design registered, including our exclusive part holder utility model.

Note: This unit is designed to fit a number of 3 m/s cube bins available from
Australian waste care providers, in some cases a manifold needs to be made to fit some of the odd sizes used and this will incur extra costs. 

General Specifications 

Product Code               SV-10000
Capacity10000 m3/h
Motor Power11 kw 15 hp 3000 RPM
Vacuum Velecity40 m/sec
Filter Quantity72 Pcs
Filter SizesQ160 x 940 mm
Filtration Area34 m2
Waste Storage1 x 3 M/3 Cube Bin
Vacuum DiameterQ355 mm
Motor Drive TypeDirect Drive
Unit Sizes1540*3360*2480 mm
Unit Weight650 kg 
Electrical PanelStar-Delta Starter

19,900.00 19900.0 AUD 19,900.00


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