Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 / 3.6


The perfect blend of affordability and superior cutting quality in a compact, customized design.

Introducing the latest generation of Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws, where precision meets innovation. Meet the Vertical Panel Saw SVP 133 BABY, designed to optimize space in your company while delivering unparalleled cutting precision.
With its vertical cutting method, the SVP 133 BABY saves valuable floor space without compromising on performance. Its cutting dimensions of 2,500mm length x 1,600mm height and 60mm depth ensure versatility for a range of cutting tasks.
Equipped with advanced technical features, this vertical panel saw simplifies cutting operations for Putsch® Meniconi Spa customers. The SVP 133 BABY sets the standard for compact vertical panel saws, boasting essential features such as an electric shifting frame, additional knocker, and short piece sled.
Despite being a recent addition to the Putsch® Meniconi lineup, the SVP 133 BABY has quickly become a top seller in the vertical cutting industry, thanks to its exceptional performance and innovative design. Discover the future of precision cutting with the Vertical Panel Saw SVP 133 BABY.

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• 5 HP main Motor

• Blade RPM 5300

• Manual and or Electronic Shifting Frame

• Main blade Diameter 250mm

• Max length of Horizontal Cut 3600

• Max height of Horizontal Cut 1400

• Max Height of Vertical Cut 1600

• Max Depth of Cut 60mm

• Available in other Frame sizes dependant on application